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Our approach to saving money for your company

Here we explain the Sourcing Business Solutions approach to saving money for your organization. Our approach to Strategic Sourcing Many procurement professionals simply compare the current price per unit to a new price per unit. This simple exercise does not represent what strategic sourcing is all about. At SBS, we put strategy and goals into […]

Are you maximizing savings on enterprise-wide expenses?

Is your company leaving any savings on the table? Are you sure your organization is capturing all of the value and savings for each expense category? How do you know you are capturing all of the available savings? A solution to capturing available savings on expenses One way to ensure that you are capturing all […]

Sourcing Business Solutions gains SBE status

Sourcing Business Solutions, LLC is now a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) as designated by the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise in Tennessee. While we are recognized as a small business enterprise by the State of Tennessee’s Diversity Office, we aim to grow by continuing to provide robust solutions and cost savings for our clients. […]

What procurement transformation looks like

Procurement transformation A simple definition of the word transformation is a dramatic change in form or appearance. Transforming your procurement operation is no small task, and could involve several years of refining and tweaking. Components of procurement transformation A world-class, top-performing procurement group typically has several organizational components including: Procurement Center of Excellence (CoE) Sourcing […]

Strategic sourcing 101

The term strategic sourcing can be traced back many years, but 5-10 years ago the term took on a new meaning and has since denoted something more substantial than before. Certainly, government and business entities of all sizes have used strategic sourcing with much success over the years. Many organizations have a five- or even […]

Strategic sourcing case study: August 2013

Value Example #1: Large single location retail business Client challenges: • Profit margins had declined 5% to 10% • Rising expenses on supplies After several months, client management could not find viable solutions to the challenges and hired Sourcing Business Solutions. Action taken by Sourcing Business Solutions: • Reviewed business processes and internal controls • […]

Five myths of strategic sourcing

There are several misconceptions about what the process of strategic sourcing involves. Here are five common myths concerning strategic sourcing. Myth #1: Strategic sourcing is getting three quotes and done. This is the farthest from reality. Strategic Sourcing is a longer process involving stakeholder involvement, market research, detailed category analysis, and using technology where appropriate […]

Why choose Sourcing Business Solutions?

I was recently asked how my firm was different compared to one client’s existing Procurement Group… an excellent question. I responded with a question of my own. "Please tell me how you source," I asked. The manager’s response was, "We typically take requests from internal departments, obtain three quotes, and then make decisions based upon […]

Why involve a sourcing consultant?

Where to find savings The hottest expense reduction areas that we are looking at for clients are indirect expenses. These often-overlooked costs often do not receive the careful attention more often given to direct expenses. We often uncover savings potential in areas over which companies typically believe they exercise sufficient control. Indirect expenses Indirect expenses […]