Bryan Eaves’ experience

Bryan Eaves has over twenty years of saving companies money. Bryan recently saved millions of dollars for Pilot Travel Centers (Knoxville, TN) in expense areas including both retail & non-retail.

Retail expense reduction

On the retail side, Bryan’s experience includes competitive bids in coffee & other drinks, deli items, and food commodities such as cheese to name a few. Mr. Eaves understands technology including eProcurement systems, internal controls, and online bidding systems. 

A collaborative approach is used, which necessarily includes getting input from suppliers. Sourcing Business Solutions‘ approach is an open-minded one; listening carefully to both the company and its suppliers is critical. (Believe it or not, some companies actually view the competitive bid as intrusive.)

In the end, experience clearly demonstrates it: Bryan Eaves knows how to create sustainable value for your company.

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