Case Study – Saving money with eProcurement implementations

Case study: Saving millions of dollars for a multi-location company

container shippingAfter assessing that the current software used at this company was antiquated and controlled by a print vendor that sold printing services to the company, it became obvious that an independent eProcurement company would be needed to create more independence and control of the data and procurement system. The system at the time had 2,000 items present, limited functionality and compliance at the company with buying contracted items from the system was less than 70%. Approximately $2 million per year of transactions were processed automatically through the system. [ Continue reading case study… ]

Zero Risk Savings – Case Studies

NOTE: This case study reflects savings achieved by Tennessee sourcing consultant Bryan Eaves. Mr. Eaves is the Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at Sourcing Business Solutions (aka Zero Risk Savings). For more company information, please see www (dot) ZeroRiskSavings (dot) com. Mr. Eaves is a CPA, C.P.M., has over twenty years of experience, and holds a MBA from Samford University.

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