How many steps does your sourcing methodology need to have?

I have clients that ask me what sourcing process they should use or how many “steps” in their sourcing process should they put in place.

While it is a best practice to define your sourcing process and document it, how many steps are in the process are not nearly as important as the approach that you use and what comprises each step.

I have seen documented five step processes and seven step processes that consulting firms use.  The reality is that you can be successful with a 3, a 4 or even a 9 step sourcing  methodology.  As long as you research the category thoroughly on the front end, involve stakeholders on the front end, include the right suppliers in the sourcing event, and develop the right sourcing strategy, you are well on your way to an effective sourcing event and sourcing methodology.  Keeping it simple is always a good practice so that you can easily explain the methodology to others.    Bryan Eaves

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